7 Best Home Remedies to Nourishing Dry Skin in Winter

Ruff, dry and flaky skin is hot topic in winter season from which every woman seem obsessed. Woman is more conscious about her skin beauty. Ruff and dry skin is bigger blender. Most ladies spend their budget in purchasing of moisturizing products and costly skin treatment. Costly skin nourishing produces smooth skin at the time it leads other deficiencies.

They may damage skin and causes to skin allergies. All goes waist. Why not we first search out our kitchen cabinets as nature hides some secrets in home which really work to bring to out of these serious conditions. Olive oil, honey, coconut oil and other remedies are easily available in home efficiently used in dry skin treatment then why we spend out saving of buying other products. Let see who these remedies helps us.


Honey saves money. It’s insanely effective natural remedy for dry skin. It surprisingly packed with antioxidants, humectants and other functional properties perfectly work against the dry skin issues. It nicely moisturized and also makes it soft and smooth. Apply honey smooth on the body before tacking shower or make a paste which consists on equal amount of honey beeswax and olive oil. Fist melts beeswax at low heat and mix honey and olive oil after removing the pan from the stove. Apply this paste on the body 10-15 minutes before bathing

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the most considerable home remedy easily available in kitchen cabinets all the time. It effective home remedy is packed with antioxidant and fatty acids which work in favor of the human beings. You can use it in dry ski n treatment during winter. It smooth and nourishing conditioner for dry skins. Take two to three drops of olive oil and apply it with regular body moisturizing lotion or simple take a gentle massage with warm olive oil one or half hour before taking shower.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one the most effective healing product amazingly nourishes dry skin and brings freshness’ on the face. Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help you to recover skin damages causes due to absence of moisture. Coconut oil dry skin treatment is so simple and easy just takes less time and in return give magnificent results. At night just apply warm coconut oil gently on the body before going to the bed regularly. You can also apply coconut oil before taking bath any time throughout the day.

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Almond Oil

Almonds are nature gift for human beings. It packed with Vitamin E and antioxidant properties. It good to health control blood flow, low the risk of heart attacks and also best remedy for dry skin treatment. It antioxidant properties allow to keep skin healthier and glowing throughout the years. It not just for face treatment you can apply almond oil on entire body. Just warm the oil in required amount and gently massage the body before taking shower. Half an hour is best time for this job.


Oatmeal is tremendous home remedy flawlessly consume skin care medication. It packed with incredible features which let it to work against different skin allergies and also sooth itchiness that become come skin issue. Oatmeal works as natural cleanser remove dead cells and glow you skin especially in winter. Applying and lavender oil paste on the skin permit you to moisturized dry skin in cold season. You can also make a face mask by mixing1 cup of smooth oatmeal with 1 mashed banana and lukewarm milk to nourished dry skin. Apply paste and leave about 10-15 minutes and the wash it off with fresh water.

Milk Cream

Milk is good for health yet milk cream has lots of advantages. It’s the most important remedy commonly used to in dry skin treatment. Milk creams work as moisturized as it packed with lactic acid that improve skin and also bring a glowing touch. Drinking milk is good habit keep it works. But do something more to get extra results. Take 2 teaspoon of milk cream, 1 teaspoon of milk and few lemon juice drops and blended it nicely. It becomes creamy paste. Now apply it on the face, hand, feet and other body areas. Let it for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with fresh water.


Yogurt is another milky product serves as skin hydrating agent. It job is to moisturized the skin and give it fresh look. Actually yogurt contain excellent amount of antioxidant and anti inflammatory properties which sooth skin. Remove dryness and also heal different skin allergies. I’m not asking you for a length process just take yogurt in small amount and apply it on the body 15 minutes before shower. For better result apply it one in a day regularly.