Check Online Diamonds Test and Learn About Different Diamond Types

Check Online Diamonds Test and Learn About Different Diamond Types

It is essential to understand that not all diamonds are equal, and yet, it tends to be challenging to people when it comes to state differences. The first classification that most people understand is using 4 c’s such as carats, color, clarity, and cut, and classification is neglected.

You should consider the type, the percentage of light that runs through it as well as color, which means that you should understand the grading attributes that will help you determine which diamond is the best for your particular requirements.

The type classification separates stones based on their chemical and physical properties, so if you wish to understand it, you should evaluate atomic makeup of it, while gemologist can check their color, growth and whether it is real or synthetic.

You should check out this particular diamonds test so that you can determine how to differentiate fake from real stone for your anniversary purposes. Before you decide to study gemology or conduct the general survey, you should learn more about diamonds in overall:

Different Types of Diamonds Available On The Market

  • Natural Diamonds – The first type regularly comes white and without any additional colors. You should have in mind that basically, these are something most people will imagine when you’re mentioning diamonds or something similar.
  • Treated Diamonds – When people mine diamonds and find them, they are pure and raw, without appealing features as we want them to be. That is the main reason why they treat and artificially enhance their attributes to make them look better than before. The most common treatments include adding filling which is a specific material with the idea to hide color enhancements and inclusions. Have in mind that these treatments are standard for most diamonds that are sold on the market and buying non treated and natural diamond would have a much lower price tag in overall than treated ones.
  • Man-Made Diamonds – Lab-grown or human-made diamonds are a trend when it comes to jewelry in the last few years because they are a much more affordable solution and it is a product that doesn’t require digging and treating. As technology evolved, these diamonds became cheaper to manufacture than before, while prices of real diamonds were between 30% and 50% lower, some can be up to 70% cheaper than real diamonds in overall.
  • Natural Fancy Color Diamonds – The last type of diamonds is the most beautiful choice that you can make, since they are scarce, and it is almost impossible to find them unless you have the proper equipment, especially when compared with natural In the last decade, the spike of awareness as well as demand required more and more wealthy people to start wearing them as fashion statements and style. Most famous ones are canary yellow and pink diamonds, but you can find them in numerous colors such as black, white, gray, yellow, green, red and combinations of these colors. One of the most famous examples is black diamonds that are extremely rare in nature, and they cost approximately three thousand dollars per carat, while some manufacturers use artificial forms and paint them black for the more affordable price tag.
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How To Test Whether Diamond Is Real or Not

  • Magnifying Glass Test – If you wish to determine whether a diamond is real, we recommend you to hold a magnifying glass and to look at it through it. In case that you notice imperfections within the stone, and if you find any it means that you have a real deal in your hands. Have in mind that most fakes do not feature imperfections, and diamond imperfections are also called inclusions.
  • Black Light Test – The idea is to hold a black light, and as soon as you have it, you should turn off the regular light and place the diamond in front of black on. Have in mind that most diamonds will reveal blue fluorescence, which means that you have a real diamond. In case of that you do not see blue color, and instead, you see slightly green, gray fluorescence or yellow, it means that gem is not real.