Fun-Making Light Bulb Recycles Ideas
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Fun-Making Light Bulb Recycles Ideas

You are on wrong side if think bulb material when it stopped work. You do hurry throwing scrap bulb into trash. With a little change you can give it new life that might be more advantageous then before of course you can make many things with old light bulb. There are numerous ideas for creative and fun making craft with recycled blub.


Old bulb Terrarium is interesting and fun way for table top decoration. Develop little eco system by turning bulb into terrarium. Mostly diy lovers go for greenery inspired decoration to infuse freshness and delight into air. Although you can work with a theme like occasion inspires, fairytale and Christmas.


Hanging planter

See-through planters! Do you ever thing about this whimsical term. I’m sure not. Such planter provides full coverage to roots as well as stems. Recycle old bulb into tiny planter for growing indoor airy plants which

Trendy vase

Amazing! Lock these coolest diy projects for dreamy interior accent. Opulent and eye-catching decoration formulate within few minutes. First turn old bulb into empty vassal and clean it nicely. Make adorable stand with copper wire. Arrange favorite flower to feel beauty.

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Christmas tree charm

Are you looking for budgeted and attractive ornament for Christmas tree decoration? Show your creativity in making pretty light bulb hanging. Like jokers, Santa and bear.

Subtle oil lamp

Back to future; it’s the best thought to bring old age necessities in modern ear to save your environment. Reuse waste light bulb to make stunning oil lamp. You can position these bulb lamps in different ways. Add color into oil for beauty purpose. You can also add personal touch by picking best holder for light bulbs.

Hot air balloon mobile

Hot air balloon are smart option for parties and baby bursary decoration. Make adorable light bulb hot air balloon. Use colorful fabrics, ribbon, paper and paint to fascinate blub hot air balloons.

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Spice container

This crazy act would make you astonished. Recycle blub into effective spice container. Wipe cleans these blubs and prep them for storing kitchen related herbs and spices. Use cork as lid alternative.

Candy containers

Colorful and sweet candies filling in clear glass blub make interesting centerpieces for coffee table decoration. This also attracts kid’s attention.

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Wedding favor gift

Wondering for extremely unique and unusual favor wedding idea to surprised guest. Take this ingenious hack. Simply make old blub terrarium, or fill with candies for a favor. Don’t forget about tagging. Succulents and airy plant blub container also handsome idea for creativity lovers.

Christmas wreath

Craft subtle and dainty-chic wreath from colored blubs, sparkly tinsels other Christmas related decoration ornament. These catchy wreaths are superb for fireplace metals. Over the console table wall, corridors and entrance doors.


Tiny fish aquarium

Worried about little betta and goldfish housing reason might be the shortage of budget. Do worry we have plan for you. Recycle old blue into chic fish aquarium.

Salt and paper shaker

Add surprising details on your dining table to leave strong impression. Old electric blub Salt and pepper shaker really fun-making craft.