Turned Your Old Tire with Creative Diy Ideas
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Turned Your Old Tire with Creative Diy Ideas

Old tire is waste material of every home. Most of people dispose their old vehicle tires. Now here we bring new sensation to up cycle your old tire in smart ways and accentuate your home interior or exterior décor. Old tire furniture or decorative asserts bring eye-catching charm on your modern home. Turned your old tires in unique ideas such as planter, patio furniture, ottomans with coffee table, swing, kids playing ideas, bed side table, bathroom sink, pet bedding and many more furnishing or decorative idea.

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Old tire planter idea

Turn your old tire into elegant planter side table and get charming hue on your outdoor furnishing idea. 3 wooden legs sporting old tire is wrapped around with jute and make elegant planter for home garden décor. This lovely planter may also place on your garden or taros for inspiration hue. Aesthetic taste people are like this planter and make it with their old waste tire and get splendid touch on this unique idea.

Old tire ottoman and coffee table set

Recycle your old tire in modern way and get inspirational glam on your modern home interior. Old tire ottoman with coffee table set is excellent choice for your living room and grabs it on your modern home. Take your old waste tire and wrapped it with colored stripped as you like and make under leg ottoman and glass top coffee table for your living room smart furnishing idea.

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Turn your tire into bed side table

Here we bring a new sensation to up cycle your old tire as home interior furnishing. Simply paint your old tire as you like bright shade and placed it each other and put on it round wooden hard board in it and make a side table of bed. This cheap idea make alluring your bedroom with side lamp, photo frame or books placing idea.

Creative old tire swing idea

Old tire swing is creative idea to accentuate your backyard of your home. Take your old tire and paint with polka dot chic pattern and hanged through chain on backyard garden tree. This cheap idea can recycle your old tire and get interesting pop on your garden furnishing for your kids.

Old tire bathroom sink renovation

Turn out your old tire into bathroom sink and grab it on your modern bathroom interior. Firstly take your old tire and spray paint on it with gold and silver combinations and accentuate with under steel tub. This artistic idea can get astonishing touch on your modern bathroom interior. You must keep this idea for your new renovated bathroom.

Pet bedding idea with old tire

Wow! Here we bring a new idea how to recycle your old tire in functional way. Take out your old tire and simply paint it with bright color and placed in one corner of the living room and fascinated with under soft bedding for your pet dog and get luxe charm this comfy bedding. This cheap pet housing idea may also attractive for pet or their honor.

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Turn your old tire into patio furniture

Turn your old waste tire into patio furniture and get outstanding charm on your modern home exterior setting. Old tire chairs, ottomans and coffee table make luxe your outdoor sitting. This unique idea is insist to grabbing the attention on your patio and make charming your home exterior setting. Rope waving chair seat and back or ottoman seat may also get charming hue with colored rope. Bamboo stick framed chair and coffee table can allure our patio furnishing idea.