Why You Should Partner with an Esteemed Local Hairdresser?

Why You Should Partner with an Esteemed Local Hairdresser?

Keeping up with fashion trends and stylistic movements can be difficult, time-consuming, and somewhat tedious but it’s important to note that tending to your outward appearance plays a huge role in terms of your self-confidence, interpersonal relationships, career prospects, and, most importantly, your happiness. However, if you had any doubts about this notion, take a look at some of the facts and figures shown below:

  • Back in the 1950s, less than 8% of women consistently coloured their hair but recent surveys indicate that this figure surpassed 75% in 2017.
  • Nearly two-thirds of Australian women attest to using more than three hair products each day.
  • 45% of women state that routine hair care is more important than eating breakfast or getting extra sleep.
  • On average, it takes women roughly two to three hours per week to wash, dry, and style their hair, not to mention the several hours it takes to apply makeup and perform other integral upkeep.
  • According to these documented habits and customs, the typical lady will have spent more than eight months on personal maintenance by the time she turns 60.
  • Even with this excessive amount of attention and care, a high-profile study conducted in 2017 found that less than 10% of women are actually happy with the quality, colour, and length of their hair.
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Thus, if you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of Australian women who have been struggling to identify and implement the most suitable, attractive hairstyle and makeup regimen, it’s in your best interests to visit your local hairdresser as soon as possible. This brief article will explain why.

Top-Notch Care Tailored to Your Physical Features

When it comes time to take your appearance to the next level and highlight all of your most attractive features in a cost-effective manner, your neighbourhood hairdresser represents the foremost resource:

  • Reliable, time-tested hair care advice and guidance
  • Up-to-date dissemination regarding the latest styles, trends, and fashions
  • Highly trained cutting and styling techniques
  • Professional, long-lasting colouring applications and colour corrections
  • Permanent hair straightening, micro braids, and keratin relaxing treatments
  • Advanced hair extensions and clip-ins
  • Intricate makeup appointments to help you prepare for your next big event or special occasion
  • World-renowned product lines and first-rate merchandise available on a year-round basis

Simply put, today’s best-rated hairdressers can serve as your personal fashion consultant, stylist, coiffeur, and guiding light towards a more desirable aesthetic, which is why countless women are beginning to skip the retail environment and head directly to their local salons.

Luxuriant Treatments without the Exorbitant Price Tag

Contrary to popular belief, creating a bespoke style regimen with a trusted hairdresser is actually a very budget-conscious choice, especially when considering the enduring, long-lasting nature of these modernised treatment options.

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In stark contrast to what you’d be able to accomplish at home with over-the-counter products and DIY techniques, your salon experts can implement long-term solutions that will truly revitalise your visage and allow you to put your best foot forward every day. Be sure to book an appointment sooner rather than later.