Genious Ways to Utilized Your Under Stair Area
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Genious Ways to Utilized Your Under Stair Area

Stairs is useful interior renovation that can use for reached top floor. Stirs is need for every home so some stairs are construct inside the home or some are outside the home. Interior stairs may also provide multifunctional charm on your modern interior setting. Here we bring a new sensation how to utilized your under stair space with multi functional charm. Under the stirs small and large space is extra so here we give a genius idea to accent your stair under space. You may also utilized your under stair space as a study corner, window seat, book shelves, bar idea, storage shelves, living seating idea, wardrobe idea and many more ideas that can rock your under stair space.

Scroll down this 188 Slot page and look lovely ideas how to utilized your under stair space.

Under stair bar idea

Under the stair space is free so utilized your free space with functional idea. Under stair storage idea is utilized as bar station and makes space saving your apartment stairs. Make storage cabinet and drawers and shelves for wine bottles, glasses trey and ice bucket. Their counter is also adorned with wine bottles and gets splendid hue on your modern appearance.

Storage idea under shelves

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Fantastic! Storage space under stair idea makes functional your interior setting. Here we have an idea how to utilized your under stair space with storage shelves baskets and hangers. This functional idea make appealing your under stair space and get mind-blowing hue on your modern appearance.

Water fall décor under stair idea

Wow! Under stair water fall idea can get mind-blowing charm with stone wall idea. Modern metallic stairs with under small space is used for home interior decoration. This water fall can get natural vibes on your modern living room interior and adorned your under stair small space.

Living room sitting idea under stairs

Under stair small space is also utilized for you lovely function. Living room stairs under space is also used as seat for more sitting space. Under stair floor sitting cushion with back colorful cushion embellishment make a pretty sitting and utilized your extra space in living room under stairs. In this way you have some excess area for sitting on your small space living room.

Multifunctional under stairs utilization ideas

If you have a small apartment then here we bring useful ideas to accent your modern home interior with small space. Under stair book shelve with storage cabinet seat make multi functional glam on your modern interior. This small study area is cover up under the stair space with comfy cushion seat idea. Under the seat storage cabinets are also used for space saving of your small apartment.

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Under stair wardrobe idea

Wonderful! Under stair wardrobe idea may also get astonishing charm on your small space home interior. 3 panels wardrobe is settled under the stair and make maximum space for storage under your stairs. You must pick up this idea for your modern interior and give excess space in your home interior setting.

Seating with wall shelves décor under stair renovation

Outstanding! Under stair sitting area can get fantastic glam on your modern home interior setting. Under stir space may also give additional space for your interior. Well arranged sitting area is settled with comfy cushion sitting with lots of cushions and pillow décor. Wall mounted storage shelves are also used for decoration and provide more space for interior décor. You must have this under stair storage idea and make attention grabbing your home interior setting.